“Whether in the management of a company or on the bridge of a ship: If you want to reach your goal successfully, you should adjust the course from time to time.”

Imme Witzel

Coach for Digital Transformation
and Value-Oriented Organizational Development

Change is the background noise of our time. We are not always aware of it. But it is there.

And sometimes it casts its spell in a completely unexpected way.
Like a tiny bow wave that begins far out at sea and breaks on the beach with a thundering surf.
So that you can react today to the waves of tomorrow, I will advise and accompany you on the following key areas:

Coach Imme Witzel

For companies:

Change Management and Systemic Organizational Consulting

For employers and teams:

Future skills for the digital transformation of work

Coach Imme Witzel
Coach Imme Witzel

For executives and strategists:

Corporate Digital Responsibility

Let us embark on a new journey together

“We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”