Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)

For executives and strategists

Where you are today:

  • Would you like to develop your organization in a value-oriented manner in order to remain an attractive employer?
  • Are you facing the challenge of involving your employees in the introduction of new digital tools and New Work strategies?
  • Would you like to develop digital products and services in such a way that the interests of your customers are taken into account?
  • As a company, would you like to use new technologies in a meaningful way so that they benefit society and the environment?
“Sustainable change is not a top-down process.”

Where we set out of for tomorrow:

I support you in developing a Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) concept that enables you to digitize your organization in a sustainable and responsible way.

This is about a voluntary commitment to advance digital transformation in agreement with economic, social and ecological aspects.

I will help you to translate CDR into business practice as part of a comprehensive strategy. You follow it as a path that creates meaning and growth instead of considering digital transformation as a “necessary evil”.

Let us embark on a new course together

“It is not about surviving somehow, but about developing the organization in a value-oriented manner.”