Change management and systemic organizational consulting

For companies

Where you are today:

  • Would you like to empower yourself and your team to make the right decisions in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambivalent (VUCA) world?

  • Would you like to face the digital transformation with its far-reaching change processes with foresight?

  • Would you like to use the methods and mindset of New Work to develop your company?

  • Do you want a high degree of flexibility, openness and clarity in your organization?

“A non-linear world needs a completely new mindset.”

Where we set out for tomorrow:

As a “guide for change”, I accompany organizations that want to implement change and progress.

As a systemic consultant, I take the entire organization into account: This includes not only the boat and crew, but also the “weather system” in which we sail and the “old sea” that still affects the current course.

Together we will get an idea of ​​your current situation. The outside view is very valuable to analyze challenges and then plan interventions together.

In the “maneuver meeting”, we prepare for the current challenges of digital transformation. We document your progress in the process in the “logbook”.

The aim is to shape the change in an active and positive way. To readjust the sails in order not only to remain competitive, but rather to become a driving force in the market.

Let us embark on a new journey together

“The potential for change is already incorporated in the DNA of many organizations – it just takes a scout to help organizations to find it.”