“The potential for change is already incorporated
in the DNA of many organizations.
I will help you discover it
– and transfer it into new, courageous ways.”

Imme Witzel

Coach for Digital Transformation
and Value-Oriented Organizational Development

Change is the new constant in a world of digitization and disruption.

This results in complex spheres of activity for companies, teams and executives.
The most successful organizations are those that have the courage to question their own status quo and break new ground.

Coach Imme Witzel

I support you in …

  • gaining deep insights into the current condition of your company,
  • developing a sustainable vision for the future,
  • gaining clarity about your opportunities for action,
  • successfully applying New Work and agile methods that allow you to react in a flexible way to changes.

We are a good match if you…

  • want to prepare your company for the challenges of digital transformation.
  • want to drive constructive and sustainable change in your organization.
  • want to be perceived as a pioneer in your industry – as well as to remain competitive in the market.
  • want to act responsibly towards your employees and to position yourself as an attractive employer.
Coach Imme Witzel

Let us embark on a new journey together

I really liked the alternation between online and offline phases. Likewise, the amount of input and the independent development of tasks. The intensive exchange was also very helpful. Ms. Witzel designed the workshop very well and has a great way of communicating the content. And she made time to attend to each participant.

Senior Researcher, TU Dortmund
What should a good organizational consultant be able to do? The answer is very simple: advise and organize. Dr. Imme Witzel can do both. As the spokesman for the employee representatives of the ZD.B programme “New Work”, I can confirm this. As Head of the Programme, she implemented in an impressive way and in a hands-on manner what I sketched as a vague idea. I wish the organizations she advised in the future every success on their responsible journey into the digital working world.
Chairman of the General Works Council, Nokia Germany
Portrait Imme Witzel

My name is Imme Witzel.

As an expert in change management, value-oriented organizational change and communication, I will accompany you on your journey of digital transformation.
What do you want to change? Together we will discover which changes you can initiate in your organization or company to prepare for the challenges of the digital future.

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“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking